Sunday, October 12, 2008

what? an update?

Homecoming Week!Kensie was on the "Hoochie Mama's" powderpuff football team!
Before the game.... Mentally preparing herself!
It was so fun to watch Kens tackle other girls to the ground!
She's pretty much NFL material!

The #1 Fans! Jen and Kinners- giving the other team a stare down...

Kensie and her date Kayden posing for the paparazzi;)

They looked awesome and had a great time!

I hope you all enjoy this very rare occasion of an update!!

Marilee is trying to teach me Blogging 101...

Hopefully I learned something!!

Here's to a new update in a month...wish me luck!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I've also been "TAGGED!!" Thanks Amy!!

I am really kind of worried to do this post because it will probably "DATE" me big time! Oh well, here goes!

20 years ago...I had just graduated from good ol' Payson High School! I also started working as a Dental Assistant. I bought a 1987 Ford Mustang, which we would spend many nights dragging Spanish Fork main street in!! I was probably listening to some COOL 80's music!! Howard Jones was my favorite! I have seen him in concert at least 4times! I mostly hung out with Janalee and Lisa---we had some great times!!

10 years ago...I was already the mother of 3 beautiful kids. McKensie had just started Kindergarten, Josh was 3, and Maizie was about 3 months old. Wow, that seems like a lifetime ago!! We were living in the "OLD BROWN CABIN" and loving every minute of it! Ferdie had also just taken his job as an Area Manager for Big O.

5 years ago...Alot happened between 10 and 5 years ago!! By then Mollie had joined our family. She was 2 years old. We were just moving back to Utah from Boise, Idaho!! That was a HAPPY time!! Ferdie and I went on an awesome trip to SPAIN with Big O.

3 years ago...We sold our home, and moved in with my parents while we built our new home. That was a crazy time for everyone! Ferdie and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas! I would recommend this to everyone!!

1 year ago...McKensie started High School, Josh became a teenager, and Mollie got her tonsils out. We also added a dog named Bristow to our already crazy lives! Bristow is a Toy Poodle and is very HIGH maintenance!! He loves to BARK!! We love him alot!!

So far this year...We have watched alot of Basketball and Ferdie and I just got back from Dallas, Texas.

Yesterday...I got all of the laundry done from vacation, we took Maizie and Mollie to see Spiderwick, and I got to eat at one of my favorite places...BAJIO!! YUM!!

Today...I hope to be able to relax! We said goodbye to Ferdie's parents, and brother. (They were so nice to come and stay with the kids while we were in Texas!!) Ferdie might also be able to relax because his dad was so kind and took the Christmas Lights off of the house while we were gone!! Thanks!! We owe you big time!!

Tomorrow...Hopefully we can get back into our normal routine! We will go to church, then go eat a YUMMY dinner at my parents house!

This year I hope to...Be a better mom, with more patience!! I hope that we can spend alot of time together as a family! I also hope to be brave when McKensie gets her DRIVERS license!! (She gets it in less than 2 months!!) Does that mean that she can also "DATE"?!?! Scary!!

Thanks Amy for making my brain work!! It is hard to remember back 20 years ago!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Why I am such a "BAD BLOGGER!!"

For all of you out there waiting patiently for an update...I'm SORRY!!! The Brown lives have been totally consumed with BASKETBALL!! I think that we are addicted...if we are not watching McKensie, we are watching Josh, if we are not watching Josh, we are watching Ferdie, if we are not watching Ferdie, we are watching the Jazz, if we are not watching the Jazz, we are watching the Cougars! So you see--We have been busy. The really sad thing is that I actually took my camera to the games this week so I could possibly find time to update, but as luck would have it Mollie took the camera into the school yesterday, without telling anyone responsible and it seems that the camera is still in the school! (At least I hope it is still there!!) Hopefully we can find the camera soon and there might be an update with pictures!!

P.S. I did this all by myself Marilee & Jennie!! I still need lots of computer "HELP" though!! I love everyone's blogs, mine is pretty boring, but I am working on it!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Our Entrance into Blog World!

Here is a quick introduction into what really keeps us busy!

McKensie, Mac, Kensie, Kenz: sophmore, basketball star, loves texting, reading, and her new guitar! Our oldest.... an experiment in parenthood that's turned out well so far!! (p.s. she turns 16 in April... we'll keep you up to date on our little experiment!;)Joshua, Josh, or Squishy: 7th grade, sports fanatic, loves the outdoors, his uncles Mike and Joey, BYU sports and is definetly our GUITAR HERO! (another experiment.... he's a boy!;)

Maizie, Maiz, Maiz-oid, or Jennie Junior: 4th grader, BRILLIANT, teachers favorite pet, and Mom's biggest helper! Loves to know it all, play with her friends, Webkinz and her gmail account.

Mollie, Smalls, Smallish Bear, or Molli-Ka: 2nd grader and DON'T YOU FORGET IT!! She is definetly our Baby girl (no experiment here!) Loves to DANCE, gymnastics, and its a rare day that you see her NOT doing a cartwheel. Closet Cheerleader, loves to read, and is a good friend to all who come her way.

That leaves the parents...

Marianne, Mar, Mabel, Mom or just plain ol' Mommita: Former Paysetter (that's where Smalls gets her Moves!) Busy Mom who LOVES her family, going to games, READING, and a good long hot bath after a hard day of chasing children...and Ferdie.

Ferdie, Ferdell, Ferd-man, Ferdinand, Ferd-i-licious, Dad, or THE Ferdster: Big-O Tires Regional Business Manager, busy guy who likes his Sports, but LOVES it when the Coug's win. Loves to cheer the kids on in all their sporting endeavors, playing basketball when he can, and being Marianne's hubby.